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- now 1 time fold increase in traffic every da
- because of this forward-looking strategy deployment
- sought to complete the unfinished top dreams

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  sought to complete the unfinished top dreams Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Family day 2014 hand in hand, "go fish" climbing Mount Everest again officially left "-brand shoes network dynamics in China" in Beijing on March 28, 2014, 2014 Everest climb on behalf of tianlun days Ms Liang Lifang (screen name: runs of fish) arrived in Lhasa, Tibet, officially beginning 2014 Everest climbing trip. Ms Liang Lifang (screen name: runs of fish) will be for a period of about 10 days in Lhasa, physical training, held in early April at Everest base camp began a month-long training in new balance 1400 uk high altitude adaptation, and expected to start in mid-May, depending on weather conditions the climb.

Climbing Everest is family days polar dream of second station (first station: North-South very adventure; second station: Everest climbing; third station: captained latitude 30 degrees), while is family days captained latitude 30 degrees of second station (first station: riding line through United States 66th, highway; second station: again climbing Everest; third station: sailing crossed Atlantic; fourth station: hiking through Yarlung zangbo hid cloth Grand Canyon; fifth station: since driving through Sahara desert), in family days brand strategy action in the has very important of meaning. Therefore, both family day headquarters or family days for this climb has attached great importance to the polar expedition, and from early training and equipment for the elaborate preparations and arrangements to secure Ms Liang Lifang (screen name: runs the fish) the smooth top.

On May 17, 2013 Ms Liang Lifang (screen name: runs of fish) successful climb to Mount Everest camp 8400 meters above the impact and May 18 to the early morning peak Mount Everest. But because of the humanitarian relief, Madam Liang Lifang (screen name: runs of fish) opportunities for all members of the Group b Summit, giving way to life rescue, so missed the Summit or not. In 2014, the family working together again Ms Liang Lifang (screen name: runs the fish) to climb Everest, sought to complete the unfinished top dreams. "In 2013, missing out on the top opportunities cannot be said to have no regrets. But, also to I left has many climbing high elevation snow of experience and experience, this on I again climbing Everest very has help, I believes, 2014, I must can top success, "Liang Lifang ladies (network name: runs of fish) said" 2014 of Everest climbing, is to new balance 1500 uk completed I and family days common of peak dream, while is to completed last year is not completed of task--is with China General mountain friends on human top Everest 60 annual of blessing boarded peak, hopes everyone can continues to support I.

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 because of this forward-looking strategy deployment Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Outdoor brands shengfulai Sevlae bright Rainbow clothing brand new listing "-brand shoes network dynamics in China" a few days ago, shengfulai led the official launch of the world's lightest bright Rainbow clothing, this beautiful landscape is not only the main melody of spring and summer trends, encountered fog and haze weather today probably the best outdoor equipment. Into the spring of haze, as a leading outdoor gear brands, from dimensions, such as color, fabric, function shengfulai, extending consistent environmental protection concept, introduced comfortable and breathable, UV-proof, tear-resistant, windproof jacket. According to reports, the new St listed on  new balance 574 uk  Frye's fabulous Rainbow clothing ergonomics draping, apart from stylish and beautiful design, and also uses the most advanced fabrics with 100% waterproof, wind, perfect ventilation features environmentally friendly, recyclable and 100%.

In a haze of dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, organic hydrocarbons and other harmful substances, shengfulai remind consumers, in outgoing try to choose a long dress pants, try to avoid exposed skin in order to ensure that the haze to minimize the harm to the human body. At the just-concluded Asian outdoor ISPO show last month, shengfulai took the lead in 2014 issued by autumn/winter new products, well received by exhibitors ' accolades. Including leading world's lightest bright Rainbow clothing, and experience the pinnacle of excellent sense of science and technology heroes series line of outdoor gear. According to presentations, in recent years, shengfulai and actively explore how to meet the needs of consumer outdoor sports and life. Environmental protection is the carrier of the corporate social responsibility of citizens, is one of the brand's core gene.

It is understood that the fun outdoor group is one of the earliest proposed "Pan-outdoor" concept of the enterprise, is precisely because of this forward-looking strategy deployment, shengfulai was able to lay their market positions that cannot be shaken, other brands in a short time, it is difficult to go beyond its years of accumulation products and channel advantage. The company official said, shengfulai is a grounded, with affinity for outdoor brand. "Sevlae to promote a more positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle, we will experience more interactive, urban white-collar workers drive more young people, Out going and walk out, into the nature to free themselves. Brand advocacy new balance 990v3 uk and education, inspire and drive more outdoor enthusiasts to take practical action, shengfulai's "going out" slogan and its high-quality production and Outdoor (outdoor) in DNA are closely linked. "We want closer to public approach, calling for more people to respect mother nature and protect the environment. In addition to the introduction of the world's leading outdoor technology, shengfulai will also increasingly focus on the demands of the consumer, cultural, aesthetic, and comfort, a sense of fashion. "The official said.

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  now 1 time fold increase in traffic every da Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Warmer temperatures in Luoyang outdoor products into the sales season, "Chinese shoe excursions, internal dynamics" is a holiday outing in the spring season, last weekend, with warmer temperatures, outdoor products has entered the season of Luoyang City. Recently, the Bureau of Commerce of Luoyang City, the test staff visited several malls and major outdoor pro shop that understands that since March, outdoor promotions increase, sales increased significantly. Monitoring Enterprise Wangfujing department store in the City Business Council of outdoor products are doing "full service" promotions, such as "brand outdoor aosuoka" push "388 Yuan to send 200 dollars" activities. In addition, xinmate "grazing tall flute" is also a minimum 50 percent sold, all kinds new balance 670 uk of promotional activities for the role in boosting sales is clear. In the major points of sale, whether it is equipment supplies like bicycles, scooters are hiking shoes, emergency supplies such as clothing, sunglasses, almost all outdoor counter someone buy professional products, there are also pan-outdoor products.

Spring cold, day and night temperature big, clothes within layer is can demolition of caught cashmere clothing, warm effect better of windproof, and anti-rain, and anti-gut rub three-in-one rush clothing big by welcomes, different brand of rush clothing price disparity, homemade of General in 1000 Yuan above, imports of 2000 Yuan around; rush pants, and speed dry pants and canvas pants price homemade of 300 yuan around, imports of 1000 Yuan around, hiking shoes 300 yuan around, mountaineering shoes 600 Yuan around. On Liberation road, xigong district a Outfitters, small water bottles, large tents, promotions are not small. According to the understanding of all outdoor products are 38 percent sales activity is one of the largest since the beginning of this year. Not only store promotions, outdoor promotions in supermarkets is also great. In addition to the above, there are many small items are not rare, for example, vacuum flask, lights, outdoor stoves, trekking poles, interphone, mat, gloves, priced in dozens of dollars to hundreds of Yuan, can be selected according to the travel needs of consumers.

Since March, with outdoor promotions increased, many traveling enthusiasts have chosen at this time with her outfit. People came to the advice and buy outdoor gear to increase significantly, and now 1 time fold increase in traffic every day, the weekend has increased the number, which is basically the whole family together, almost 80% are for spring break or hiking plans. "Section 38" period, are closed on weekends, many people flock to enjoy spring in the mountains, outdoor supplies in recent new balance 996 uk days to boost sales, increase sales in late February early March 1 time more than doubled, this year sales are a lot better than last year, up nearly 20%. Now major shopping malls, stores mainly in spring in the outdoor Shoppe of outdoor gear has been the conspicuous position. Emergency clothing, hiking boots, trekking poles, outdoor walking shoes and outdoor products such as tents are put up hot label, later as the weather turns hot, major shopping malls counters and outdoor outdoor brand store recently will usher in peak sales.

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 "Our costume orders far exceeded the expected growth Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Outdoor clothing "Pong craze" orders rose shoes advantage cannot be lost "Chinese shoes network-industry news" recently, family days, shengfulai, DUNLOP (Dunlop) domestic outdoor brands such as orders gradually came to an end. On the order of several, rapid growth in orders of clothing and footwear orders in stark contrast remain largely unchanged. According to market sources, this fall/winter season will order all major outdoor brands clothing order growth exceeded 30%, while the once-dominant category shoes orders was "stagnant". Apparel category of "crying out" for many outdoor brands couldn't help shift attention focused on thinking about how to dress  new balance 999 uk  better. But most people in the industry still insists local outdoor brands should maintain the advantage of outdoor footwear category, appropriate adjustments to shoes and dress, by shaping the differentiation of brand strength and ultimately boost product sales.

Clothing orders has grown rapidly, "I want another two emergency clothing, shoes want to reduce it?" Outdoor family days, Ltd Yunnan Branch Manager Zhang Ying holds a shop order form, orders on one side and the head office staff of the Department of communication. Eventually, Zhang ying was booked costume, cut the shoe. In fact, on most outdoor brands agents of this season and the branch of the order, Zhang Ying will be able to see the idea of knowing one or two. This outdoor products, General Manager Xu Tengda from the family day celebration Summary report can be corroborated.

"Our costume orders far exceeded the expected growth, relatively speaking, shoe orders grew more conservative. Of course, this does not mean that family day shoes do less well, but more expressive and unique outdoor new balance 580 uk clothing category brand advantage, after all these years of development has been released. "Tenda said. With a set of reports from market research can support this view. Under the outdoor brands to billions of sales on the domestic market sales research: in 2013, their clothing sales ratio remained at approximately 55.36%, different channels are slightly high and low, in boutiques, outdoor apparel sales accounted for 52.12%, shoes for 26.58% and outlets at the Mall, 60.83% for clothing, shoe 28%.

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 we may consider more of a market benefit Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Lowe outdoor apparel Development Director, Lv Menglong introduction over the past few years outdoor products industry is in its infancy in China, technology and functional outdoor gear are largely concentrated in shoes. In recent years, more and more outdoor technology and design features are available through the fabric and style manifests itself is of the utmost importance, as the outdoor industry's development, all in pursuit of functionality at the same time, also raised the requirement of fashion and clothing is the best approach to the fashion show. "In the fashion arena, any fashion new balance uk and pop elements were initiated from clothing before the derivative on the shoes, so outdoor clothing plays a role in leading the industry trend is not surprising. "Lv Menglong believes that these are clothes important reason for the high growth category orders.

However, the industry believes, on local outdoor brands in the fashion of "rapid" thanks largely to its own chain of apparel industry maturity and brand promotion. Lowe outdoors, for example, the company's clothing project outsourcing to companies alone, more than 40, which involves raw materials, processing, researching various aspects of design and many other areas, almost in full detail of all industrial chain includes a clothing brand. With the establishment of garment supply system, clothing category has become more and more mature, rapid progress on the design style and brand positioning as well. Order hidden lurking behind the surge, however, local outdoor clothing brand behind the surge in orders, actually buried clothing homogenization of serious risks, as outdoor brands for apparel category increased attention, the issue to be addressed urgently.

"In the past when the clothing on, we may consider more of a market benefit, to make the clothes sell, alive, so, most of the products are based on the hot-selling models on the market development of unit loads, over time, this outdoor clothing was an awkward dilemma, sell good selling is good, but is mixed without, without family and style. Homogenization of products more than a number, get into brutal price wars. "Lv Menglong outdoor clothing situation way back after a number of years, one can't help but sweat. It is true that use selling driving full garment development is important, but too much new balance sale emphasis on market effect, tend to ignore technology and information processing, in the end, were kept in the clothing line will be storing up problems for future branding and corporate development. And so-called technology refers to the clothing on the development of fabrics, styles, techniques, information refers to color popular elements of control, lack of local outdoor brands in these areas have become the clothing developed pain in the butt, and had to be elevated.

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